Our Package

Musang King Durian is the Upcoming Most Profitable Fruit Crop

In 2016, Malaysia exported 18,043 metric ton of Musang King durian providing export revenue amounting to RM70.9 million. It is projected the revenue from Musang King Durian production will increase from RM1.97 billion in 2016 to 2.03 billion in 2020. The current supply is unable to cope with the International demand for this tasty fruit especially in China and Singapore.

Why invest with us?

MCI Harvest Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to make durian business profitable for you. With our collaboration with local farmers and international exporter, not only we have a strong supply and demand line, we also provide you with high return of investment packages.

Our Package Features

Durian Species

2 – 2.5 years old tree (Specie Type Clone No. D197 Musang King)


One time free replacement for the tree loss by any causes


Provide expertise, skills and technology.

Suitable Planting Location

Provide location with suitable soil condition, weather and environment

Farm Maintenance

Provide farm maintenance for 13 years. Farm Maintenance include clearance & upkeep, fertilizers, 24 hours security, utilities, watering & drainage system, harvesting, wholesales, etc.)

Fixed Rate

Guaranteed fruits buy-back at pre-agreed fixed rate. No need to worry about the market price up and down.

Crop Insurance

Crops Insurance (against loss of trees & future productions caused by covered “perils”) – to be advised on availability

Direct Report

Annual Statement for Production & Sales

Our Promise

We are planting the highest grade organic fruits.

Our Goals


Target to achieve a total plantation size of 100 acres


Being one of the top wholesale and largest exporter for organic based durian “Musang King”


Expand the plantation at top efficiency and share the returns with all our customers to achieve a win-win situation


Packaging production.


Build home stay, theme parks, durian theme restaurants to attract tourists.